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We love what we do. We do film. Making beautiful stories. Making stories beautiful. Jisk Film is a local brand, inspired by universal themes. We are obsessed by quality and evolvement, about growing as a person and growing as a whole. We hope you’ll enjoy our creations as much as we enjoyed creating them.



Jisk Film is a Utrecht based production company that produces and directs commercials, documentaries and short films. We also have worked on several online projects for brands including the ANWB, the Ministry of Justice and Greendriver. Besides producing Jisk Film has great post production facilities for production companies and freelance directors, with a strong focus on documentary. We love to take your work to the next level by editing and color grading your film.



We are fascinated by human change, internal growth and awareness. We like to tell our stories in a strong visual and intrinsic way, and put trends in perspective with humour.



Jisk Film was founded in 2007. At the Dutch Film Festival 2008 Jisk Film won several awards for the short film ‘Klik’, including best film and best script. In 2009 the viral short ‘Kop of Munt’ (Heads or Tails) had over a million views in four days and was voted viral of the month in Bright Magazine. At the Dutch Film Festival 2011 we won the Holland Doc 24 award for best short documentary. The latest documentary Peace Beyond Borders on the tribal war in Kenya, Sudan and Uganda was nominated for the special jury award in Monaco for best documentary on peace. Clients in the Netherlands include TomTom Int., Canon Europe, Rabobank, ANWB, TNT, The Ministry of Justice, Mama Cash and Sonos Europe.



Visiting: Oudegracht aan de werf 265 | 3511 NN Utrecht

Telephone: +31 (0)30 2735696

Email: info@jiskfilm.com