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Jisk Film is a production company. We make films. We have travelled to places around the world to tell stories and to build brands. We get inspired by experiencing different cultures, and we are eager to learn, experience, create and share new things. So welcome to our blog and see what we have been doing recently.

September 11th 2013

Video clip Cold War Affair

by Nanno Jiskoot

We just finished the videoclip for the band Close Up. Made with a very small crew and no budget. We shot the clip in an old building where they used to sell very expensive cars. Thanks to the squatters we were able to turn the place into a underground party scene. Very inspiring to see people working together to create something from within. Check out the video here!

close up web 0369Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.48.01 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.47.30 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.47.50 PM

July 17th 2013

Wageningen University

by Nanno Jiskoot

If you’re about to go to college, you want to choose the right one. You want good education, have lots of fun, get nice accommodation with cool room mates and friends, and you want good sports facilities. We created three online commercials for Wageningen University. This one is to promote their sports facilities, and I must say, they have quite a few.


June 20th 2013

Cold War Affair

by Nanno Jiskoot

Last weekend we shot a videoclip for the band Close Up. We are working on the edit, so more to come soon.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 3.59.20 PM

April 25th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

The first part of the commercial for E-learning for Kids is starting to get shape as we’re in post production. We will return to Cape Town for a follow up at the end of the year.

For now you can have a sneakpeak of some test grades on some shots.

efk kidsefk gngstrefk tatoo

April 15th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

Last week we flew to Capetown where we shot a commercial in the townships for E-learning for Kids (EFK), a foundation that offers free education to all children between five and twelve from all over the world at www.e-learningforkids.org. How cool is that! The e-learning prevents children from dropping out of school, getting into violence, crime and living their lives on the streets. Now 7.5 million children are using the online lessons to learn how to read and write, do maths and science but they want to grow to 20 million users in the coming four years.

E-learning for Kids work together with partners as War Child and Amy Bhiel Foundation who, for example, provide laptops. Filming on the spot was such a cool experience. With a guide and two guards we managed to get very close to the raw lives of these children in these townships. At the moment we are in post production but have a fist look of the analogue pictures I took from our trip. More to come!

township khayelitsha 2000036000066

February 19th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

After the viral that we created for MDLI in 2009 (1.4 million hits in four days and viral of the month in Bright Magazine), we recently created a testimonial for fund raising. MDLI offers a leadership training for Dutch students with a Morrocan background and a training for children with a Morrocan background to improve their grades on the Cito test. Video coming soon.

jobmoedermdli kids

January 15th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

Two months ago, cinematographer en good friend Bas Zwartepoorte and I started working on the edit for De Wilde Keuken by Wouter Klootwijk. Last friday the episode PAARD was shown on TV,

and we broke all records: 800.000 people watched it on tv and another 100.000 watched it online. Really cool. Watch Paard here. Next episode is about Kokkels.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 2.58.48 PM

January 13th 2013

Happy New Year!

by Nanno Jiskoot

2012 was a very exciting year. We are looking forward to all new adventures in 2013!

New Year

November 20th 2012

AenO Fonds Gemeenten

by Nanno Jiskoot

In co-operation with our friends from Rhinofly, we created a number of films for the govnerment campaign Werk van Belang. We build several sets to create a unique atmosphere and interviewed officials from all  over the Netherlands. Watch the compilation here.

aeno 0638aeno 0028aeno 0963aeno 0506A+O site

November 20th 2012

Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds

by Nanno Jiskoot

To stimulate the request for financial support for all sorts of socially committed projects, Elise Mathilde fund asked Jisk Film to create this online film. Marie Louise Oster, who tells the story, belongs to the van Beuningen family. She is descendant of Elise Mathilde van Beuningen who let all her money to her foundation when she died of cancer in the ’40. Check it out on our website here.

em_afbeelding_01elise mathilde 1576

June 14th 2012

Gaaf Zijn selected for Vers Awards 2012

by Nanno Jiskoot

Cool! Just got a call that Gaaf Zijn (Being Cool)  is selected for Vers Awards. They told me they thought the film was just brilliant! On friday june 29th the selected films will be played at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, and the winner takes home a 10.000 euros.

gaaf zijn028

March 2nd 2012


by Nanno Jiskoot

Last week I was in Southend, England, to do some research on a new documentary. A kind of urban greyish place. But every weekend, when the sun shines and Adventure Island (a small fun park) starts moving, Southend opens like a colorful flower. Just for a few hours. When it closes, it all turns dark again, like it never happend. It’s magical.

SE telefooncel 02SE skater 06SE Adventure Island van verSE steigerSE park

February 4th 2012

lecture at University of A’dam

by Nanno Jiskoot

Jisk was asked by the Netherlands Sports Alliance to talk at the University of Amsterdam about our experiences on making of the documentary about the tribal war in Kenya,

Sudan and Uganda. Therefore we are working on the making of, which shows our adventure in African bush (pictures below by Mariska van den Brink).

pbb worriorpbb goats

February 3rd 2012


by Nanno Jiskoot

On the 15th of january 2012. Born to a new generation. So cool to see how she is already exploring the world with her big blue eyes. Have look at a home made video announcement of my little girl.

2][620][366][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/suze-geboortekaartje-def-web-h264.mov][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/suze015.jpg][Suze Jiskoot][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/suze-geboortekaartje1.mp4

Suze Jiskoot


December 15th 2011

New radio commercial for ICS

by Nanno Jiskoot

Together with Schrijf-Schrijf we are working on a radio commercial for ICS (Investing in Children and their Society).

Here we are recording the voice of Jan Anne for the Dutch version at the studio of Big Orange in Amsterdam.


December 13th 2011

Commercial for ICS

by Nanno Jiskoot

Jisk Film is producing a tv-commercial for ICS (Investing in Children and their Society). A future for children in Africa and Asia. That’s the goal of ICS. A good social environment is essential for that.

Not only in the family, but also in the community. To achieve that, child protection and social entrepreneurship are pivotal aspects in the work of ICS.

ics h264 107ics h264 172IMG_0505IMG_0514

November 13th 2011

peace beyond borders nominated

ikv pax christi & NSA

Peace Beyond Borders, our documentary about the tribal war in Kenia, Sudan and Uganda is nominated for a special jury price in Monaco for best documentary on peace. We shot the film at places were no white man had been before. Worriors shot the bullets on our Jeeps, thinking we were an animal that they could eat.

One of the great moments that I had was when a girl, who’s brother was shot dead by the enemy two days before my arrival, was sitting in our car and when the driver hit the gas, she mumbled: the trees are running away! The brother couldn’t be burried. That’s in their culture. He was 15 years old, and still lying there with three bullets in his body. That was my second day of research.

peace beyond borders sleevepeace crewpeace crewpeace crew

October 3rd 2011


door Nanno Jiskoot

Our short documentary Gaaf Zijn (Being Cool) won the Holland Doc 24 award for best online documentary at the Dutch Film Festival 2011 in Utrecht!

gaaf zijn017gaaf zijn054gaaf zijn285Gaaf zijn op holland doc 01

September 3rd 2011

making of ‘klik’

by Nanno Jiskoot

Some moments are not to forget. In 2008, after a year when Jisk Film was founded, we joined the 48Hour Film Festival during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. That weekend was a perfect example of a cast and crew working intuitively and responsively to any given moment. A process where everyone is in synch.

I think it’s about being open to every moment and ultimately being well and truly ‘in the moment’. Regardless of what I’m expecting, planning or needing from a scene, ultimately the most important thing to happen, is the thing that is happening right there and then. We won the award for best script, best actress and best film. Also nominated for best camera and best actor.

48hr film_docu_8248hr film_stills_015Afbeelding 248hr film_stills_03048hr film_docu_65klik-003

June 13th 2011


by Nanno Jiskoot

Ever wondered who is responsible for all traffic data, so you’re TomTom tells you to leave your home 30 minutes later to avoid traffic jam?

It’s NDW. They collect all data on the main roads in the Netherlands, and deliver them to companies like ANWB, TomTom, etc. We produced and directed their film. Check out some stills here.

ndw theo vd gazelle 116ndw jeanettendw theo vd gazelle 056ndw jeanette baljeu h264 120ndw chris de vries-web h264 030

January 18th 2011

mister west

by Nanno Jiskoot

Our friends from Big Orange composed music for the film ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks’ that was played live as if it was 1920. This film marks the birth of the Red Western. Made by Lev Kuleshov, teacher of the Moscow film school and pioneer of Soviet montage

The actors included students Boris Barnet and Vladimir Pudovkin, on the brink of their own careers. The music was played live by the Metropole Orchestra.The film was made by us, while having lots of fun.

3][620][366][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/BigOrange_MrWest-web-h264.mov][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/BigOrange_MrWest-11881.jpg][MISTER WEST][http://www.jiskfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/BigOrange_MrWest.mp4



November 5th 2010


by Nanno Jiskoot

Together with The Pickle Factory we worked on a campaign of the ANWB. Starring Rene van ‘t Hof.

We shot him in Rotterdam in a green screen studio. The site is offline, but check out some screenshots.


August 3rd 2010


by Nanno Jiskoot

Working in teams, learning from each other, get inspired, share ideas and knowledge. That is what this online commercial was all about.

We produced the commercial together with Rhinofly for Zestor. The campaign was to attract people from different branches to the Universities of the Netherlands to teach.