Jisk Film

April 25th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

The first part of the commercial for E-learning for Kids is starting to get shape as we’re in post production. We will return to Cape Town for a follow up at the end of the year.

For now you can have a sneakpeak of some test grades on some shots.

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April 15th 2013


by Nanno Jiskoot

Last week we flew to Capetown where we shot a commercial in the townships for E-learning for Kids (EFK), a foundation that offers free education to all children between five and twelve from all over the world at www.e-learningforkids.org. How cool is that! The e-learning prevents children from dropping out of school, getting into violence, crime and living their lives on the streets. Now 7.5 million children are using the online lessons to learn how to read and write, do maths and science but they want to grow to 20 million users in the coming four years.

E-learning for Kids work together with partners as War Child and Amy Bhiel Foundation who, for example, provide laptops. Filming on the spot was such a cool experience. With a guide and two guards we managed to get very close to the raw lives of these children in these townships. At the moment we are in post production but have a fist look of the analogue pictures I took from our trip. More to come!

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